Cannabis Law Digest, LLC announces comprehensive, one-stop, nationwide coverage of cannabis case law, at: (Coming Soon).

Cannabis Law Digest is a web-based subscription service for those in the cannabis industry and their legal and business advisors. Cannabis Law Digest provides enhanced access to cannabis-related court rulings and decisions from state, county, municipal and federal courts, while aggregating and digesting them in an intuitive easy-to-use database.

By organizing court decisions into distinct categories (such as banking, zoning, licensing, cultivation, taxation, trademark, patent, employment, environmental, torts, constitutional) subscribers can find the information at their fingertips with a few easy clicks. No more fishing expeditions in search of ‘the’ case.

Cannabis Law Digest is able to continuously monitor jurisdictions for reported and unreported judicial determination so that Cannabis Law Digest subscribers are always up-to-date on cannabis law for any jurisdiction. This allows current and prospective cannabis business owners, and their investors and advisors, to monitor the impact legal precedent can have on short-term and long-term objectives and goals. Cannabis Law Digest is not a law firm but all of its owners are lawyers, ensuring that you are receiving a quality publication that satisfies rigorous standards.