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About Donald

Understanding and telling your story in a compelling and persuasive manner is something Donald Creadore does with exceptional skill. At some point in the attorney-client relationship each client realizes that Mr. Creadore knows as much as the client about the client’s affairs, making him uniquely qualified to serve as the client’s advocate. Whether in a courtroom, or in a boardroom, Mr. Creadore’s expertise in creating sensible and sensitive story themes, legal arguments and solutions, has proven highly effective.

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Each day, nearly 100 babies/neonates are born diagnosed dependent to opioids.  While in utero the…

In the course of providing legal representation in a commercial tenant holdover proceeding, culminating in…

We submitted a brief on behalf of our client who was named as a defendant…

As we approach the busiest season of the year, fireworks retailers and display companies can…

A federal explosive license or permit (FEL is used interchangeably here) is an essential document…

Following failed efforts, in April 2016, for a creditor-led debt restructuring to avoid bankruptcy, Hanjin…

In 2010, our company became the victim of a targeted witch hunt by a government agency. We retained the Creadore Law Firm and were not only able to end the harassment but also go on the offensive and keep the government on its heals. Mr. Creadore is an aggressive, no nonsense individual who we are pleased to say is our attorney and close family friend.

E. Garrett

Don is a pro in all things pyro and is extremely good at what he does. In my case, he had the uncanny ability to define the issues, interpret the regulations and gather unassailable back-up, basically overnight. He always provided me with sensible options, all the while in full control of the process. Everything don said is spot on and he understands my business like no one else. I had a hunch that my expensive criminal lawyer was only interested in making me agree to a quick plea that would have destroyed my life over consumer fuse. It was wonderful to see don turn my lawyer from negative to positive; from lamb to lion. Don also has spirit and empathy, making him a lawyer’s lawyer. He will always be my ‘go to’ lawyer.

M. Levene

When I retained Don Creadore, I was in legal quicksand facing ever-increasing legal bills generated by a large, well-respected law firm specializing in products liability defense that I had retained to represent me in multiple lawsuits. Don had steered all of the matters to a point where he was successful in getting me and my business out of all of the lawsuits on summary judgment, sparing us the costs and risks associated with trial.

G. Avins

Everybody told me I was wasting my time trying to obtain relief from disabilities to earn a living; I proved them wrong, but I could not do it without the legal representation of Don Creadore. You can only imagine how gratified I felt the day I received my notice from ATF granting my request for relief. Throughout the process Don never oversold me, and his expertise and patience rewarded me amply. Now I have my own business; and I could not have done it without Don Creadore.

K. Darrow

Don Creadore protected me and my reputation, as well as that of my business, against the forces of the ATF. In workmanlike fashion, he had the government’s wire-tapped conversations precluded and, during trial, his cross-examination of the government’s witnesses stripped them of all credibility. The case was dismissed by the judge, and I went on to continue my business in peace. I owe it all to Donald Creadore.

T. Conway

I was referred to Don in the middle of an intellectual property dispute and he quickly came up to speed with the details to serve as special counsel. His guidance and contributions were invaluable so we moved to bring him on as our permanent in-house counsel.  Beyond his help on the legal front, Don has provided us with excellent business advice, and he is easy to reach.  His advise on business matters is as key, if not more so, than his legal expertise.

J. R. Weinstein


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